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Bubba Gump

Bubba Gump is famous for shrimp, and has built itself around the movie Forrest Gump. It’s a very casual, friendly place for some wonderful shrimp dishes, and is found in many cities across the USA.


We ordered a bucket of Cajun shrimp to share. These shrimps come with the shell on, but are so yummy and fresh that we really didn’t bother peeling them very much (but that’s just us, you should probably peel them if you don’t like eating prawn shells). There’s a little heat in the sauce, which adds a ton of excitement to the dish. There’s also the garlic sauce available, and we love that too (a little too salty though).


One of the things that caught K’s eye was Gumbo, which is a rich soup served with rice. It’s apparently a southern classic, and K first heard about it when Carla prepared it on Top Chef. It’s not the most amazing soup we’ve had, in fact, it doesn’t even come close, and we’re probably not going to ever have it again.


In all we went to Bubba Gump for lunch a couple of times. One of the things A always orders is the Scampi, which is a linguine dish with shrimp, in a butter sauce with tomatoes and capers. The sauce isn’t too rich, but if you do the sensible thing and ask for a lighter sauce (so they use less butter in the cooking) it tastes even better. Yes, you Americans should think about your health a lot more; plus, more butter doesn’t always equate to more taste. It’s a very simple dish, but is done so well. The shrimp are always perfectly cooked and remain moist and juicy, and the pasta is also cooked very well. A isn’t a fan of capers, but they add a little saltiness to the dish, and go so well with the shrimp. A slice of garlic bread is served with the scampi. K loves the garlic bread at Bubba Gump, because not only does it have garlic on the toast, there’s a nice amount of cheese on it as well. (It should come as no surprise that A, on the other hand, hates the garlic bread.)


One of the mains that K tried was this dish that’s basically a bucketful of assorted seafood. The lobster claw was quite disappointing – especially so since we just came from Boston, where we had awesomely fresh lobster at Quincy Market, and the most fantastic lobster dish in Atlantic Fish Company, the best restaurant in Boston. There was no way the lobster at Bubba Gump could ever impress us, so it’s really not their fault. The other assorted seafood like fried shrimp was all decent, but not the best way to showcase the seafood, as the batter was quite thick.


One thing on their menu that’s worth trying is the Shrimp Po Boy. This is on the sandwich section, and is basically a lot of shrimp loaded into a roll. This comes with some fries (very yummy) and coleslaw (average), and tastes awesome. It doesn’t come with any sauce, but somehow the juiciness of the shrimp ensures that the sandwich doesn’t taste too dry.

Since the concept of Bubba Gump is based around the movie Forrest Gump, sometimes the servers will come around and quiz you on your knowledge of the movie. Some of the questions we got were “Which actor played the role of Forrest?”, “Momma used to say ‘Life is like ___’”, “What was Forrest’s favourite drink?” and “Stupid is _____”. Even though K watched the movie ages ago, amazingly, he could answer most of the questions thrown at him!

Service: 7.5/10
Food: 7/10

Eating badly at a baseball game

One of the things we really wanted to do in USA was to watch a baseball game. We managed to get quite cheap tickets for a game between the New York Mets and the Pittsburgh Pirates, and for the full complete baseball experience, we wanted to eat hot dogs and, well, basically, junk food at the stadium while watching the game.

There are many stalls selling food at the METs stadium. Lots of hot dog stands, lots of drinks and sweets stalls, lots of fast food stalls, and you wonder why these people are so fat. Well, another reason could also be that one of their favourite sports is baseball, which is one of the most lazy, boring sports ever to be played, but that’s another rant altogether.


Back to the food. We bought a selection of junk food – some chicken tenders, crinkle fries and a cheeseburger. To sum it up, everything was appalling. The cheeseburger was dry, the fries were soggy and terrible, and the chicken tenders were a complete joke – tender was definitely the last word on my mind when I bit into them. But then again, we didn’t exactly expect to have gourmet food at a ball game did we? We wanted a true blue American experience at the ball game, and we got just that. Having said that, we did have a lot of fun watching the baseball game, but going once is probably more than enough.

Service: NA
Food: NA

Hummingbird Bakery

155a Wardour Street
London W1F 8WG
020 7434 3003

Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday 9.30-8pm
Sunday 10-7pm Sunday

We’ve tried a couple of cupcakes from Hummingbird Bakery, and they’ve all been quite good.

Their red velvet is famous, and it deserves to be so – it is moist and rich. Their green tea cupcake (a Wednesdays special) is also a winner. In fact, the green tea cupcake is definitely A’s favourite of all. Perhaps the only criticism is that the icing is really heavy and decadent. You can distinctly taste the butter (and sugar) in the icing, and it really does make the cupcake quite sweet.


We ordered a chocolate cake from them for LM’s birthday, and it was much larger than we expected. It was so tall that it took quite some effort to cut into it. Once again, the icing was really sweet, but the cake itself was excellent. It was the spongy kind instead of the creamy kind of cake, which was just the kind of cake that LM likes.

Food: 7/10