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Boom Chicago

Utrechtsedwarsstraat 17-2hg 
1017 WB Amsterdam
020 5300232

We went for the free walking tour by neweuropetours and at the end of our walking tour, our tour guide recommended lunch at Boom Chicago.  They supposedly serve good, typical Dutch food. They are actually a comedy club, and between 2pm and 5pm they become the ‘personal chefs’ for neweuropetours. We went ahead with the idea and it turned out to be quite disastrous.

Firstly, we waited for over an hour for our food to arrive. When our food finally arrived, it was nothing but a huge plate of disappointment. All of us ordered the traditional mashed potatoes with bacon and sausage, as recommended by our guide.


The mashed potatoes were horrifyingly dry. It completely lacked the buttery and creamy texture that any good ole mashed potato should have. It didn’t help also that my plate did not have sufficient sauce. When I asked my server for more sauce, he said that the kitchen was running out of supplies. Great. He did manage to find some sauce somewhere in the kitchen though, and brought it over. However, I’m not sure it helped. The sauce was extremely salty and J (we were travelling with 2 other friends, J and J) commented that he could taste a very strong alcoholic flavor in it, which was also very unpleasant.

The only edible portion of the meal was the sausage, and that was simply because the kitchen did not make them. They were obviously store bought. Well it makes no sense for me to be reviewing store bought sausage, so I’ll quickly move on. Lucky for the boys, we were allowed as many seconds as we wanted, and they made sure they got their money’s worth by ordering more sausages.

While on our tour, our guide told us that there’s nothing much to say about Dutch food because nothing of that sort really exists. Dutch food is more snack-ish, and we had our share of it in terms of stroopwaffles (which are delicious and easily found in any supermarket or tourist shop) and marinated herring, which K loves. A proper Dutch meal doesn’t actually exist, and Boom Chicago did a very job in proving that point. All in all it was a complete waste of money and time. We don’t know the quality of their comedy, since we were very anxious to get out after such a shocking meal, but we hope for their sake that it’s better than their food.

And for those who understand, there is nothing boomz about this place. It’s pure shingz. :S

Service: 5/10
Food: 4.5/10

My Old Dutch

131-132 High Holborn
London WC1V 6PS
020 7242 5200

Opening Hours
Monday to Saturday 11am-11pm
Sunday 11-10pm

Go to My Old Dutch expecting to leave with a very full stomach and you will definitely not be disappointed. Their crepes are absolutely enormous!!

My Old Dutch is located very near Holborn, and as such it enjoys a massive clientele, especially from LSE students. They have other branches in London as well. Monday madness is indeed, absolute madness, and their crepes go for 5pounds each!

We’ve been there a couple of times, and when A’s sisters and cousin came to London to visit, we brought them there. Among the 5 of us we shared 3 savoury crepes, 1 sweet crepe, the nachos with sour cream, guacamole and salsa, and their potato wedges. This was more food than we could ever imagine! Luckily, we had with us a 14 year old with an enormous appetite or a lot of food would have had to be wasted.


We had the Hot Dutch (pepperoni, chorizo, cheese, red chilies & tomato sauce), the My Old Dutch (smoked bacon, chicken, ham, sweet peppers, mushrooms, sweet corn and cheese) and the Seafood (king prawns, tuna, olives, cheese, anchovies and capers). All these came in huge heavy plates with very generous amounts of toppings on them. Taste-wise there was nothing special about them – it was just the size that was very impressive. The best would probably be the Hot Dutch.

For the sweet crepe we had banana nuts and chocolate sauce. This came with a scoop of ice cream. For me, as much as I like salty food, I think that crepes should be sweet – I remember an amazing nutella crepe I had in Berlin..but that’s another story for another time. Hence I felt that this sweet crepe was the best of the 4 crepes we had.

The potato wedges were also very popular, and they were thickly cut and seasoned well. The nachos were also pretty good, but the dips didn’t come separately but each put on one section of the nachos. We felt that having the dips separately would be more sensible, as we would be able to have the choice of which dip we would like to have more of, or less of, instead of having that decided for us.

Overall, My Old Dutch is a fantastic place to hang out with a group of friends over some crepes. It definitely makes sense to go in a big group, as the crepes are perfect for sharing. The whole atmosphere is very casual and definitely worth a visit!

Additional Comments: Monday Madness: all crepes for 5 pounds

Service: 6.5/10
Food: 6.5/10